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Realities OKC Thunder Fans need to face

Every Thunder fan and undoubtedly, General Manager Sam Presti himself, knows that OKC needs to provide some scoring punch to stand alongside the great Russell Westbrook on the court. If they don't, they will  lose him after next season. It is simple as that. A...

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Who is to blame for OKC’s Playoff Woes?

Let's be brutally honest, no one thought OKC would even be in the playoffs this year. The reasons are as varied as they are valid. After watching Lebron leave the Cleveland Caviliers for no return, with his now infamous "Decision" and sending Cleveland into NBA...

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Russ for MVP – Hall of Famers Agree

Oscar Robertson attended the last game of the season, at OKC today to watch the only player to have equaled his historic, 55-year-old record of averaging a triple double for an entire season, as well as the man who broke his equally long, 55-year-old record of most...

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Westbrook or Harden – The MVP Debate

There are probably 4 players who you could, with a straight face, include in the discussions of MVP this year, being Westbrook, Harden, Lebron and Leonard. It has really come down to a 2-horse race now though, between Westbrook and Harden. So, let’s look at the...

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5 Myths about Russell Westbrook – Debunked

eRussell Westbrook is likely the most polarizing player in the NBA today. People either love him or hate him, with little in between. The only things which people do not disagree on is that he is a great player. Even with that acknowledgement, I have seen many myths...

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Greatest Show in Generations

NBA history was made today - Russell Westbrook tied for the most triple doubles in a season since Oscar Robertson in 1961-62 season. That record has held for more than 3 generations in my family. Heck it's longer than my mama has been alive! Only a few more regular...

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Are Poor Coaching Decisions Costing OKC Wins?

Let me start by saying, that since the first day Coach Donovan joined OKC, I have been a fan of his. Anyone who could steer OKC away from that relentless isolation play offence, centered equally between Westbrook and KD, while the three other players stood, like the...

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